Wide-open for a Work of Passion?

Small children are pretty sure about what they want to be — a doctor, a spaceman, a fairy or a Haribo taster. This picture of themselves in the world around is not uncommon to disappear in-between high school exams and the mortgage bills of adult life.

Switching from full-time work to freelance activity is the very moment to try to earn money not only for the purpose of serving your dependents but also from where your true passion is. You’ll naturally want to keep exploring the subject and meeting other people with similar interest which is often much easier to do online.

Combining passion-based job with a discipline working Monday to Friday like you always did in the office opens a wider gate to master your skills and to deepen your competence in a subject.
On the other hand, you might be frightened of what switching to your dream work could probably make to happen. While you don’t have a community or clients knocking your door there are buzzing doubts of unstable income. Though this is a really rational and valuable yet emotional state of mind it is better to look from aside: a work of passion sets your attitude straight and align all your efforts while eliminating procrastination.

You don’t want to cheat on what you really like. There is no need to steal time scrolling Facebook feed anymore.

Troubles in finding or changing jobs for professionals often arise due to the fact that they forbid themselves to think about changes due to the burden of obligations. Moreover, the obligations are not only and not so much financial as social: what will friends, colleagues and family members think? What if they don’t support your choice? Deep-seated stereotypes are difficult to destroy even with the soberest, persistent and decisive arguments. In addition, you will need the perseverance to take small steps along your path, uncompromising will help you be honest with yourself, and sober thinking will come in handy to assess your abilities. It is likely that you will go wrong and regret your decision, but no one will try for you. Invest time and energy in a specific life scenario and see what happens. Either way, you will gain experience.



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